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Engineered Fittings

The Lightweight of CPP’S corrugated pipes enables installation costs to be cut significantly because smaller crews and less expensive excavation machines can be used.

Large & Small Catch Basins Available

The Lightweight of CPP Hand Made Fitting Products also lowers the installation cost when installation the drainage system as well.

Pond Risers
Pond Risers can be used to control the water level of ponds. As the water level reaches the top of the riser it falls into the manhole and exits through the cleanout on the side. We can build to your spec!
Cut-off Gate Valves
Cut-off Gate-Valves can be added to CPP pipe systems where needed.

Fabricated (Hand Made) Engineered fittings can be provided to meet specific job site needs.
Other Uses:
Radon Gas Relief, Electrical Conduit, Tubular Concrete Forms, Relining Corrosion Worn Pipes and Low Pressure Industrial Vacuum Hoses

To view a complete list of our single and double wall fittings click here.


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