Best Management Practice (BMP) Stormwater Treatment

As Industrial, Urban and Agricultural development increase, society is left with more impervious roads, parking lots, airports, factories, municipal area buildings, open strip mines and bare farm fields all sloping toward outlet streams that are becoming more polluted because the land development process has stripped away nature’s “Soil-Plant” filter system.

The three Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) methods most used are Infiltration, Detention and Vegetative or combinations of these.

CPP pipe systems fit a BMP Stormwater Quality Improvement design because its inert, Non-Corrosive feature assures engineers that additional detention basins will not have to be built to treat chemicals or trace metals that can leach from corroding pipe walls made from base raw materials other than HDPE.

Additional information on BMP can be found in the EPA’s National Menu of Best Management Practices for Stormwater Phase II by clicking here: