Technical Data

CRUMPLER’S corrugated plastic pipe and accessories meet and exceed all specifications concerning corrugated plastic pipe. These specifications include:

ASTM-F-405 for 3”-6” Sizes
ASTM-F-667 for 8”-24” Sizes
ASTM-F-2306 for 12”-60” Sizes
ASTM-F-2648 for 2″-60″ Sizes

Building trade specs.
for septic sewer lines
and foundation drainage.

The specifications cited above are accepted by BOCA, ICBO, SBCC & IAPMO

AASHTO-M-252 for 3”-10”
AASHTO-M-294 for 12”-60”

Farm drainage specs.
Highway drainage specs.
Highway drainage specs.

The pipe manufacturing specifications listed above call for corrugated plastic pipes and culverts to be extruded from an HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Type III; Category 3, 4 or 5; Grades P-33 or P-34; Class C Polymer resin as described in ASTM-D-3350. These resins are further described in ASTM-D-1248.

Both CPP Single Wall corrugated and CPP Dual Wall Smooth Core/n-10 corrugated meet the same AASHTO pipe standards cited above. The two styles are differentiated by the addition of the letter “C” or the letter “S” to the end of the appropriate spec. The “C” indicates a “corrugated interior wall”, and the “S” indicates a “smooth core interior wall”. Similarly, the letters “CP” indicate an interior corrugated wall that is perforated, and “SP” indicates a smooth core interior wall pipe with perforations. CPP pipes can be made with up to 100% re-cycled HDPE content per the finished pipe test criteria established in the above noted pipe standards, if requested.

Other Specifications: ASTM-D-2321, ASTM-F-477, ASAE-EP 260.3, ASTM-F-1417, AASHTO-T-99, ASTM-D-3212, ASTM-F-449, and ASTM-F-481

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