Landfill Drainage Market Application

CPP pipe can be used at landfills to meet the necessary drainage requirements. All CPP pipes are made from HDPE raw materials which are chemically inert. This provides superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Our pipes can also be used for landfill methane gas relief. CPP pipes are H-20 to H-25 rated so your mind can be at ease and know that our pipe will do the job and carry the loads of the various dump trucks and heavy machinery that frequent landfill sites.

CPP pipes come in a variety of sizes and types. Our flexible single wall pipe comes in sizes 3″ – 24″. Our Double Wall Smooth Core Pipe comes in sizes 4″ – 48″, we also carry bell and spigot pipe in smooth core sizes 12″ – 48″.

CPP also has our own in-house fittings department to custom build any smooth core double wall fittings you may need to your specification. We also produce and carry a variety of single wall fittings to meet your single wall flexible pipe needs.

We are ready to serve your drainage needs, please call today!