Septic Sewer Market Applications

CPP’S Spread-Rite™ Septic Pipe is designed exclusively for Septic System Seepage lines. It is a heavy-duty pipe with holes every 4” of length.

Septic Tank Disposal Field

State and county health codes and soil conditions govern septic absorption field sizing and method of installation. Such regulating bodies should be contacted before installation is made.

CPP Style Septic-Leachate drain pipe systems have been used successfully since 1969.

Bull-Run Valve
Septic Tank Tee

CPP’S No-Rock™ Septic Systems have been used since 1985. The elimination of rock by CPP No-Rock TM Septic Pipes is an advantage in areas where: (1) good rock without “trash fines” is no longer available for a reasonable price, and in (2) hilly, mountainous areas where rolling topography can conspire to create odd shaped building lots that necessitate severe site preparation overgrading in order to be able to lay out a conventional 4” with gravel system. The elimination of overgrading saves trees in the sewer leachate area as well as retains the higher horizon soil profiles that treat septic sewage better than the deeper compacted soils that treat the sewage of overgraded lots.

ASTM-F-481 Installation Standard for Corrugated Plastic Pipes can also be referenced for conventional gravel or No-Rock CPP Septic Systems.

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Image below of CPP NO-ROCK™ septic pipe.