Golf Course Drainage Market Application

Whether it is a public or private course, the condition and quality of a Golf Course is the course owner’s or club’s most important asset. In any business, steps must be taken to preserve and maintain the organization’s most important asset. After rain events soggy and muddy conditions can often times cause rutting from golf carts on fairways and players chopping up grass behind the balls. These and other course maintenance issues can be troublesome for golf course superintendents and expensive. Not to mention the fact that players do not like to play on courses that have consistently wet and soggy fairways, sand traps and greens due to poor drainage.

CPP has the solution to your Golf Course’s drainage problems, from small diameter pipe to larger diameter pipe, our pipe will get the job done right. Use our perforated pipe to help dewater known low lying and other damp areas. The pipe’s perforations will allow the pipe to absorb surrounding moisture in the soil, allow some water to recharge the ground and can convey any excess water to wherever you would like it to go. Keep your water hazard ponds full by properly draining the water off the course and into the ponds.

For areas where the soil is real sandy we have pipe with filter sock on it to allow the water into the pipe without sand passing through and plugging up your drainage line. Our Socked Pipe is available in Types A and B.

We carry a variety of pipe sizes and types: 3″ – 48″. We have single wall pipes for jobs that require the pipe to be flexible and double wall smooth core pipes for jobs that need increased drainage flow.

We have our own in-house fittings department to meet your joint connection needs. We Also Carry Drop Boxes with Grates.

4″ Drop Box with Grated Lid
6″ Drop Box with Grated Lid
Smooth Core Catch Basin and Grated Lid (6″ – 48″)

Need to control the level of your water hazard ponds? We’ve got you covered. We can prefabricate pond risers and flashboard risers for you according to your specification.

We hope to be the choice to meet your course’s drainage needs, please call today!

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