Metal & Concrete Breakdown

Concrete and Metal pipes have been known not to last as long in aggressive environments as HDPE plastic pipe. Therefore a growing number of engineers are recommending that these worn-out drainage systems be replaced with HDPE corrugated plastic drainage pipe.

Pipes of all raw material bases can have an appropriate place in the engineering scheme of designing longer lasting, more serviceable pipe systems if correctly subjected to Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for a particular project site.

CPP corrugated HDPE pipe systems will last through the depreciation of a project built where there are corrosive soils and waters, or abrasive sediment flows.

For insurance, Do The Job Right The First Time by specifying CPP pipes in your chemical HOT SPOTS for longer lasting systems.

Sediment abrasion of metal pipes bituminous coating by stormwater suspended sediment loads is a well known phenomenon. This abrasion-corrosion process eventually produces holes in metal pipe walls. Leaking pipes invite more sediment into the pipe system, and trench wall support is lost.

As abrasion roughs up the surfaces of concrete and metal pipes, flow resistance (n-numbers) will increase. Abrasion resistant CPP will maintain a more constant flow resistant n number over the life of a project.