Product Introduction

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As industrial, urban and agricultural development increase, society is left with more impervious roads, parking lots, airports, factories, municipal buildings, open strip mines and bare farm fields all sloping toward outlet streams. These streams are becoming more polluted because the land development process has stripped away nature’s “soil-plant” filter system. Additionally, modern living also requires extensive sewer wastewater treatment that many communities with smaller tax bases cannot afford. CPP corrosion resistant, gravity drain pipe systems meet the Best Management Practice (BMP) needs of both waste and stormwater polishing treatment systems for sustainable development.

CPP offers Two types of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) corrugated plastic pipes for Non-Pressure, Gravity Drain, and Corrosion Resistant applications:

H-20 Culvert performance = 32,000 lbs/axle

Both Single Wall and Dual Wall Smooth Core can be used to design engineering solutions for a variety of culvert storm sewer and waste water treatment applications. These products are also well suited for use in commercial landscaping or agricultural controlled drainage with sub-surface irrigation.

CPP’s Dual Wall Smooth Core/n-10 corrugated pipe with a smooth interior liner is used in situations where High-Full-Flow capacity is required to convey a high-surge water release and in applications with little or no grade.

CPP is chemically inert for environmental friendliness and long lasting performance due to its HDPE raw material base.

CPP’s improved water flow rates make downsizing possible in certain situations. The anti-adhesive, non-polar, slick surface nature of the HDPE plastic raw material minimizes solid waste build-up, and thus reduces cleaning maintenance costs.

Highly damaging sand-gravel sediment suspended in flash-flood water surges often causes other pipe materials to fail (from ever-thinning pipe walls) before the installed pipe system is fully depreciated. CPP’s Single Wall and Dual Wall Smooth Core HDPE pipes provide superior resistance to the combined effects of sand-gravel sediment abrasion and its consequent effects on corrosion.

HDPE is the most chemically inert of all commodity plastic raw materials. Engineers have specified HDPE pipes for years in chemically active acidic or alkaline site conditions. CPP HDPE pipe systems provide corrosion resistant, fluid transport that offer engineering solutions to the variety of pH wastewaters that flow in industry, agricultural and municipal sewers.

Use CPP for:

  • Road Culverts
  • Highway Slope & Edge Should Drains
  • Parking Lot Storm drains
  • Airport Runway Shoulder & Edge Storm Drains
  • Cul-de-Sac Storm Drains
  • Storm Sewer Flood Control Retention Beds & Ponds
  • Saltwater Exfiltration Storm Sewers
  • Golf Course Storm & Culvert Drains
  • Pedestrian Bridges for Parks & Side Walks
  • Foundation-Gutter Storm Drains
  • Construction De-Watering
  • Farm Pond Water Transfer
  • Catfish-Crawfish Water Control Systems
  • Gated Furrow/Bubble Irrigation Pipe Systems
  • Chemical Filtration Pebble Beds
  • Car Wash Treatment Retention Beds
  • Brine Water Treatment Systems
  • Pulp & Paper Mill Water Treatment Systems
  • Mining & Water Pollution Control Systems
  • (SF) – Sub-Surface Flow Sloughs
  • Wastewater Treatment Controlled Release Lagoons
  • Landfill Drainage
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharge Lines
  • Septic Systems
  • Animal Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Sand Filters
  • Municipal Sewer Leachate Media Filter Pipes
  • Municipal Sewer Sludge Composting Systems


The PPI Handbook is the most complete, current, and practically useful information on corrugated plastic pipe ever assembled. Along with extensive technical information, the Design Guide walks engineers through the complex LRFD design process established by AASHTO for corrugated plastic pipe, while the Installation Guide and Design Calculation Guide are invaluable for contractors and installers.

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