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TOLEDO, Ohio, April 7, 1997 – The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) recently released data showing the use of corrugated high density polyethylene (HDPE) was more than double any other pipe material in 1996.

The NYSDOT report reveals that corrugated polyethylene pipe accounted for 48 percent of all 12-inch or larger diameter pipe used in its 1996 roadway drainage projects, up 14 percent from 1995. Polyethylene’s growth significantly displaced the concrete pipe share (down 15% from 1995 to 20%), and usage remained nearly level for other pipe materials: coated and uncoated steel (16%), aluminum (4%) and PVC (2%).

In a letter to the Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Association, NYSDOT Materials Bureau Director Wayne Brule, P.E., cited numerous reasons for the state’s increased usage of corrugated HDPE.

“HDPE pipe has shown itself to be a durable, well-performing, cost effective material. It’s lightweight, and in many instances heavy equipment is not needed for installation, saving the contractor and NYS both time and money,” Brule said. Brule also said corrugated polyethylene’s abrasion resistance and increased hydraulic capacity are major benefits.

NYSDOT began using 12-inch or larger diameter HDPE in 1989; that year, total use was 3,500 linear feet, or just 1 percent of all pipe installed. The new figures show that in 1996 NYSDOT laid 225,442 linear feet of HDPE.

“These numbers speak for themselves,” says CPPA president Tony Kime. “New York has recognized polyethylene drainage pipe’s cost effectiveness, longer lifespan and ease of use. I’m confident that other states will follow suit, if they’re not already, and make HDPE their material of choice.”

The CPPA is a North American organization of manufacturers, raw material suppliers and designers, and manufacturers of equipment involved in the production and application of corrugated polyethylene pipe. 1997 marks the CPPA’s 25th anniversary.

Note: Please refer to the following chart for NYSDOT data.

New York State DOT Percent of Pipe Use
Year HDPE All Steel1 Aluminum Concrete Optional2 PVC
1989 1 38 11 42 3 5
1990 15 26 6 46 5 2
1991 24 24 8 31 5 8
1992 28 22 11 30 6 3
1993 16 21 12 33 14 4
1994 21 20 6 35 17 1
1995 34 15 2 35 12 2
1996 48 16 4 20 10 2
Source: NYSDOT Materials Bureau

1 – Includes uncoated, polymer coated, polymer coated-paved invert and fully paved steel pipe.
2 – Optional pipe may be concrete, polyethylene, steel or aluminum. The actual pipe material used is unknown.